Owning a small car is no less than bliss these days given that our roads are filled up to gills with vehicles, potholes, bumps, and pedestrians. The brunt of this suffocation is bored not only by the driver but also by your vehicle, its brakes, clutches, gearboxes, tires, and every other part. No surprise, this need has paved a wide way for automatic cars. Imagine how relieving it will be for you and your car when you aren’t compelled to move clutch and change gears in every two minutes. We have compiled a list of top 10 automatic small cars that promise to alleviate your daily life struggles to a considerable extent:

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Why is it best to have automatic cars?

It is a fact that most of the people feel proud if they have their own small automatic car. People are bored of using the old style brakes, gearbox, tires and other parts of the car and are looking at the small cute automatic cars. How discomfort one would feel if it is difficult to alter gears while driving. So we are providing you details of the top most brands in automatic cars that easy all your difficulties and gives you comfort.

List of impressive automatic cars:

     Mazda 2:

The Mazda 2 is one of the best automatic cars that you can think of buying.

 The specification is:

  • It consists of a six-speed gearbox
  • The Mazda 2 is a model which has a 1.5 liters petrol engine
  • It is smooth to shift
  • It is financially viable
  • It is 5-speed manual version

     Honda jazz:

It is worth considering Honda jazz if space is what you prefer most and drive long distances often. It is a tiny car

The specification is:

  • It is a small car
  • It consists of CVT gearbox

     Volkswagen Polo DSG:

It is a well-known car even though it is old the DSG box which it consists is a great choice. It has various new models launched few are listed below:

  • Polo Blue GT model
  • VW Polo GTI model
  • Festa ST model
  • Skoda Fabia model

     Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is quite expensive but it values the price because it is so stunning to look at.

The specification is:

  • It consists of a prudent diesel engine
  • Slick Auto gear
  • Luxurious equipped

     Citroen C3 auto:

The Citroen C3 works with an auto box, you can go for a comfortable ride in this car. People might fall in love with its remarkable and different looks.

The specification is:

  • Latest EAE6 box
  • Six-speed unit
  • Fuel economic
  • 2 PureTech Three Cylinder petrol tank

     Audi A1:

The Audi is the first-rate quality and your deliverance. It may look same like all Audi cars but is more efficient compared to other Audi cars. It has running gear such as seven-speed DSG similar to VW Polo. It has best engines and gearboxes as S tronic.

It is available in models like:

  • SE
  • Sport and
  • S line.

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